TOKYO WONDERLUX  brings you an eclectic, irreverent & chaotic mix of the here and now in Tokyo.Brought to you by artist CARL WILLIAMS and a team of dedicated folk who live & breathe the Tokyo vibe.

We offer you the best local insights to the city bringing together the old and new Tokyo in a fascinating head rush of experiences. Blending CONTEMPORARY culture with the TRADITIONAL history we will take you on a path of discovery whether you want Samurai Warriors, Bladerunner facades or Flat art Space. 


CARL WILLIAMS has been a face on the Tokyo scene since arriving as a fashion model from the catwalks of Europe. Having graced the covers of Tokyo’s magazines and appeared in numerous campaigns and commercials he moved into the club industry and operated bars and clubs in the notorious Roppongi district.



Family  prompted a change of  lifestyle and a new career as founder and editor in chief of GO TOKYO- Tokyo’s first cool monthly guide.This led to a bigger glossier monthly publication TOKYO FAMILIES. His children Tiger and Zola appear regularly in fashion publications and the Tokyo collections and share in his love of Tokyo life.

Carl founded Tokyo Wonderlux as a platform for his interest in the beguiling city of Tokyo with its heady mix of fashion and art that coexist alongside the sake and salaryman culture.He still hosts a popup SAKE & GIN night “COCKNEY REBEL” and creates contemporary art.

Realising there  was a niche for insider led experiences after having taken so many people around town he started Tokyo Wonderlux to fill the gap . Join Carl and  from time to time his tribe. Let them know your preferences and grab on to your gear and prepare to enter TOKYO WONDERLUX